Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have a lot to be thankful for My faith family and my dogs. Those three mean the most to me I feel very blessed I was raised in a traditional Catholic home with very old school value believe me when I say though I strive to be very devote I make mistakes all the time. IM glad God is very forgiving cause I need it. I have also raise my children as Traditional Catholic Our values seem to be very out dated but I love them and they do keep me centered, The values have helped when I raised my two children which I home schooled up until just recently I took them in to get tested with the state and my kids can both graduate this year Mariah my daughter is only 16 and My son Derek is 18 and they both will graduate this summer. So IM very proud of both. We did this with a lot of help as I am also a single mom but their dad has been there also, so with out family my mom mostly I could not of done any of this. She did a lot while I worked at night then during the day I did home schooling when I had to work full time during the day my mom took over doing the homeschooling so I could keep them in and not change what my plan was. So as a team effort we have the two best kids in the whole world I have two teenagers who are respectful to all adults, who made their teenage stage which most parents dread wonderful for me. They help out never argue they may not be happy but always do what they are asked. My Mariah helps me with the housework the dogs cleaning crates letting them out and feeding. She also has that special love for the dogs. My Derek helps with the housework kennel building what ever I need he is there for me. He loves the dogs but showing is not his thing. He is one of the cleanest people I know he didnt get that from me I clean but hes a perfectionist like his Grandma hes alway been Grandmas boy. So thats why Iam so very thankful for Family. Then the third my dogs which I could not have with out the help of my family They are also very special to me our protectors our companions they help in stressful times just to have them there. They helped me in a very special way when I was a young girl and couldnt talk to anyone else about what was going on. I dont know how things would of work out with out having that special collie at that time in my Life her name was Tina and my best friend she was pricked ear pet that I started to show in Jr Showmanship. Unfortunately I dont have a picture of her. So I wanted a job I could repay animals in some small way. So IM a vet tech which has it moment as people have no idea not all but some. I love my job and I have a great team to work with. I know I drive them crazy sometimes but I know they love me. So yes I feel very blessed and thankful to have and cherish these three more that anything else.

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