Saturday, June 13, 2009

We have been away Prom Dog shows

We have been away for a little while. Ive been working , my kids are getting ready to graduate on the 25th they also had their prom and of course a couple of dog shows.

They had a great prom night glad they got to do that I wasnt sure since I home schooled them up until this year. So I was very happy they got to have the experience. Here are a couple of pictures from that night.

Then we have been going to a couple of shows with the tri boys our new collie Justin and my Smooth collie Slick. Slick Wyndrush Black Ice has been doing very well he got his first points all from the puppy classes He was winners dog and BOS to BOV at our Collie Specialty. And he won Best Puppy in Match at our collie only match. Then off to the summer shows where he got a reserve with some very pretty boys there. Then the next weekend he won winners dog from the puppy class again with some very pretty boys entered. Justin got reserve one of the days but he needs a little more work but IM sure his future will be good. Here are some pictures of Justin Overlands Wishes Come True. and some pictures from the shows

Overland Wishes Come True "Justin"

Wyndrush Black Ice "Slick"

Mariah and Justin The day they took Reserve

Mariah and Justin on the move

On the move again

Slick and I on the move


Our beautiful view from our grooming space in Colorado Springs Shows Where Slick won Winners Dog and BOS

The boys goofin around at home after the shows Justins is done for the summer as he is blowing his coat. We are hoping Miss Dancer our sheltie will have enough coat for the August shows and the Sheltie Specialty Its looking good. We might have Slick out then too hes thinking about blowing his coat too though. We had a great time seeing friends and hanging out.