Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow Day 2009

We haven't had much snow this year at least not in the Denver area mostly in the mountains good for skiing. So it is very needed here as it has been so dry. So we are very happy to see the snow. But it was a little scary drive home. There was not really any snow when I left at 7:00 am but just a couple hours later here are pictures in front of work there is a Chiles restaurant right across the street that you can not see crazy

So our boss gave us the go ahead after the morning clients were all seen and all our grooming clients were groomed we could head home yes people showed up in a blizzard to get their dogs groomed and Client showed up to get vaccines no emergencies came in It was all basic stuff LOL. It was a slow drive I have to say I love my Jeep. No sliding at all. But a lot of sliding cars there was a 30 car pile up on I 25 Colorado Wyoming boarder. So only had to work a half day so I had time to go play with the dogs in the snow and get a couple of pictures. Here are some pictures a couple of days ago of the dogs playing in the same area before the snow as the snow pictures Crazy Colorado you know you have to be prepared for anything. Its back up to 60 on Sun.

Maggie and Joker

Maggie and Kobe

Dancer with Maggie and Kobe trying to figure out how to steal the carrot from Miss Dancer.

Charlie please mom let me in with my friend Shellys smooth collies in the background staying here till Shelly get back from Japan.

Kobe doing his silly dance crazy boy.

Kobe and Maggie playing catch me if you can.

Joker and Dancer