Saturday, December 20, 2008


I thought I write about our Sheltie Charlie he was our venture into showing Shelties again. He has such a great personality so out going and he is such a good boy. We I got him from Tammy of Iona Shelties, the kids and I bonded to Charlie right away. The Kids would sneak him into their rooms and I knew I would find him in one or the other which for my son is saying something he loves the dogs but he would be happy with just one.

We went to some shows with Charlie and others would say what a pretty puppy as Charlie has a beautiful face the problem was movement So I wanted Tammy to see him and lucky for me my first sheltie National was here in Colorado seeing so many pretty shelties in one place wow. Well that meant I would get to meet Tammy and have her go over Charlie I was so excited. So she came over to see him she thought he had a pretty face very pretty color. pretty standing and such a great outgoing temperament and then he moved and she and her friend said that it would be best if we neutered Charlie. I have to say I was very sad that night as my Daughter and I talked about what Charlies future would be because I really wanted to show shelties I knew shelties were a hard breed to show with size and everything else. I just felt disappointed but knew Tammy was right I knew before she came. So we went home and when I got the motor home all unloaded the kids came and said Mom if you sell Charlie were going with him Mind you I had never once said I was selling Charlie. And now I knew it wasn't even an option. I told Mariah and Derek I was planning on doing some obedience with Charlie which Mariah has started as I have been told that Charlie is her dog and when she goes to collage she taking him and I shall call him King Charles as he is the king of the house . Dang I learn something new everyday. Which is fine by me as I love him lots too and yes King Charles has been neutered and getting a little to fat because no one can deny Charlie. Which I will get in trouble for saying later. So we hope in the next year to post Charlies obedience title.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photos with Santa

We had planned to go to Petco but time we did not have. So I convinced my Dad to dress up like Santa and take pictures with the dogs. Yes hes a good sport. It was a lot of fun and we had some very funny moments So here are some of the pictures We had some friends come over and get pictures too. We plan on doing the Older shelties and the older Collies Later this week as Santa was getting very hot and sore.LOL We did have sub Santa at the end but not enough time to get everybody So I will get everyone else later My Dads Rescue sheltie is here too her name is Gidget.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Christmas Present

I was given a very special Christmas Present on Sunday. I was given Slick by my very close friend Shelley. He is a smooth collie We named him Wyndrush Black Ice "Slick" for short

He is a sweetheart and such a cuddlier. Dancer isnt sure if she likes him yet but little Kobe loves him It is so funny that a 12week old Collie and a 5 1/2 month old Shellie are close to the same size. Dancer has taught him early that she is boss. I must be crazy 3 puppies under 6 months of age. But Im having fun. I hope to get pictures soon they are a little muddy right now but going to have bath day on Friday so we can take the crew for picture with Santa on Sat. But here's his baby one for now.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad Day

Well crying for hours hasn't seemed to help. Maybe writing down my feelings might. I just lost Chase my sable male collie a couple a months ago to bloat very devastating I honestly have not lost a collie to bloat before. I know its is one of our breeds health issues, but I do everything the books say to prevent it feeding twice daily making sure they are resting after they eat. Ect...

But to lose a dog so suddenly and so young is crazy. I miss him like crazy.

So I feed the dogs early this morning wait 1hour before I let the out. I let them out to go potty and have their daily exercises. I went a did some err ans I work half days on Tuesday so It gives me chance to get things done. Came home went to bring them in and found Maui had bloated she was only 5 years old. She was fine this morning. So I have just lost two dog in a matter of months to bloat. I haven't change anything Ive done in the past same food same routine. I feel so empty and heartbroken right now. I dont know how to really pick myself up after this. Ive been on the Internet looking for some answers they all say the same thing. There just basically nothing you can do. I love my dogs and I am sick over it. I feel like screaming. I just feel like I miss some sign this morning I dont know. Thank heaven for Dancer she knows IM upset and is full of kisses.