Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our non Show pets

Our pets that we dont show I thought I just show some pictures as we love them very much too Here are the poodles Faith and Candace I just love to dress them up I just love grooming I guess.

Here are my Kittys DMX seal point mix and Kimora the gray one I got DMX when I did volunteer work for a shelter I microchiped all the baby kittens at the Kitten adoption day and he was my gift for helping out we have had him 8 years hes part dog IM sure. He loves being in the whelping box with the puppies and loves the puppies but once they are adult he doest have to much to do with them but he is the best cat we ever owned my daughters love, then Kimora just kinda happen she is the naughtiest cat ever. Every time I let dogs in out she waits at the top of the stairs pounces each of the dogs runs like crazy (well we all know what collies and shelties do when something runs from them Chase and try to herd them) It is a hour chase everyday you would think all the dogs would know its coming but they always looked surprised. So know I have to go out and try to catch her before we have the chase but she hides well Some times I think its a clear but NO. Here is her other thing she believes my Jeep belongs to her she sprays(yes she is spayed) it every time I come home and I swear gives me the Kitty finger when I use it. She see me coming home and runs strait at the jeep I have to call my daughter to chase her away from it. so I can get in the driveway so I don't run her over and forget it if she managed to jump in side its at least and hour to get her back out. Yes shes crazy

See just evil everyone here is spayed and neutered we dont need more crazy cats in the world LOL

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do Shelties Laugh?

I Think they do!!

I did some updated pictures of Kobe and Slick today Ive been meaning to for awhile but they both seem to get so dirty I bath them two minutes later they find dirt. But here are the updated pictures I think they are both growing up nicely. Kobe is my Ionas Its OK to "STARE" and my Smooth Collie Wyndrush Black Ice Slick for short IM usally not a smooth collie person but I really love this dogs face he has a great body but a little akward at this stage he need a little more confidence. So he doent show himself off as much when IM looking but when he thinks IM not WOW, So we will see