Saturday, November 15, 2008


I though I write about Scooby today as you might see him in a lot of our pictures. No he doesn't belong to me he belongs to a close friend and we work together and go to the dog park among other things. Well let say Scooby adopted her. I work as a vet tech in a small animal hospital we have a three doctor practice one of our new doctors use to work in a shelter clinic as we all know that kind of work can break your heart. Well Scooby came in and was about 6 months when he was turn in to the shelter by his owner no details why. When he came in he couldnt even use his back legs he put all his weight on his front legs the shelter clinic had him in a small cage not knowing exactly what to do with him So our now vet took him home with the idea that may be getting out of the small cage and lots of love she could get him healed up and adopted someday so she decide to foster him. What did Scooby have to lose they were going to put him to sleep. So with hard work, love and lots of pain meds Scooby after a while started to use his back legs he never really has gained a ton of weight. But he gets along great She fostered him for two year never giving up and hoping someday she would find Scooby his forever home. I have to admit the first time I saw Scooby I though what a genetic nightmare and he drools I am not a drool type person, But his sweet personality won everyone at work over. But none of us every thought we would see the day Scooby would find a home he was in such bad shape. We use to tell our vet that he was hers forever. Well our doctor had to leave town to take another foster to his new home in California so she needed a pet sitter well my close friend said her Great Dane Ula would love to have Scooby come over and stay and play while she was away Scooby did stay and had a great time So when our doctor came home she came and picked up Scooby the next day he was very sad and didnt want to eat when he got home. And my close friend was also sad and having Scooby withdraw I told her you know you love him just talk to our now friend as well as our new doc. But she was waiting on a new litter of Great Dane pups from reputable breeder I had recommended. She had money saved ect... Well lets just say Ula has a new brother and Scooby has found his forever home. IM sure he will break my friends heart someday as he needs total elbow replacement due to as a puppy only using his front legs and hip replacement but to fix one it would be to hard on the rest of his joints so she will keep Scooby happy and give him the life he almost didnt have. He is a happy boy he loves life but most of all his new family and his little Kobe (my baby Sheltie) he think I bring Kobe just for him and Kobe teases him anytime he sees him. He is a great dog and well we all love him.

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