Monday, November 17, 2008

Akadia Dressed to Dance " Dancer"

I just wanted to write about my little Dancer. I haven't had a dog since my Tigger that means what Dancer means to me. IM crazy about this little girl don't get me wrong I love all my dogs but sometimes a special one comes along and you just match that is Dancer Dance dance for short. I don't think there is a pictures out there of me lately with out Dancer in it as I cant bear to leave her at home if I can take her with me believe me she is with me. She just has to look at me and I cant leave her. I go to the dog park once a week and I try to take turns with each of the dogs I try to take 3 at a time but she get to come every time. I cant help it she gives me that special Dancer face and there she comes. She comes by her name honestly everyday when I come home she does this little dance all around me she is just as happy to see me as I am to see her it is a big celebration when I get home from work it is very cute. Her place is on the couch next to me and god help the dog who trys to get up there with us. She not so politely ask them to move now. So if I want to have on of the other dogs up with me she pouts. When I brought little Kobe home I don't think she was that thrilled but at least he couldn't get on the couch with me so it was ok Well Kobe figure out how to get up there she was not happy at all and quickly scolded the little one. He still sneaks up all the time against her wishes. She love to chase the tennis ball when shes in the mood. She is not only a very beautiful sheltie( I cant wait to show her she needs more hair) but she has a great temperament she is a great companion in every sense of the word. I cant thank Shannalee enough for letting me co own Miss Dancer I need her as much as I hope she needs me. She is a blessing

We were hiking so were both a little messy this day.

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