Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dog Park

IM new to blogging but it seems like fun. My daughter and I have been going to a off leash dog park where the dogs can just be free and run until they cant run anymore. They have two lakes the dog can jump right in. It did surprise me how the collies and the shelties would jump right in. The baby Kobe got in a little two deep and had to swim fast to get back to shore it was very cute. He was playing peek a boo with my friends dog Scooby those two had so much fun with each other. The two girl were much to snobby to do any such things but did go wading. But they had so much fun running full force. It was nice to see them have so much fun and being able to be with my daughter we were all being goofy. The fall colors were so pretty and it was a very nice day. We had just a light breeze. The reason you dont see little Kobe in some of these pictures is he was hiding in the bushes Dancer my sheltie is come to snitch on him and let me know he is in the bush. silly girl Well we all had a good time and look forward to going again soon.

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