Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do Shelties Laugh?

I Think they do!!

I did some updated pictures of Kobe and Slick today Ive been meaning to for awhile but they both seem to get so dirty I bath them two minutes later they find dirt. But here are the updated pictures I think they are both growing up nicely. Kobe is my Ionas Its OK to "STARE" and my Smooth Collie Wyndrush Black Ice Slick for short IM usally not a smooth collie person but I really love this dogs face he has a great body but a little akward at this stage he need a little more confidence. So he doent show himself off as much when IM looking but when he thinks IM not WOW, So we will see


Irish Hill Shelties said...

great pictures they are so cute

Cool Design Shelties said...

Love the laughing sheltie :o)