Saturday, January 24, 2009

We have been tagged by Winsor Shelties

We have also been tagged. This is photo is from the 5th folder 5th photo This is my daughter and Windy on the way to the Collie National in Oklahoma. Windy belong to a my good friend Shelley of Wyndrush Collies Mariah and Windy just loved each other as you can see and Mariah showed her in the veterans class that year for Shelley they both look so good out there they got 2nd that year. When we got a little closer to Oklahoma we had rain that I had never saw before is was like waves of water on the windshield and you couldn't stop and go to the side of the road because no one could see if you were in front of them it was so crazy and to top it off when you got out of the rain you could see tornado's in the distance I was so scared. I had to stay calm because I didn't want to scare my daughter more than she already was. What we do to make it to the national. Shelley sent me this picture when she lost Windy we were all so sad and I always loved it they both look so cute. It is one of my Favourites.
we will tag
Obay shelties
Lacewood but I think they have already been tagged
Istara shelties
Irish hills shelties

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